Monday, December 6, 2010

This Might Be It

Skylab Gallery is pleased to present "This Might Be It", a group exhibition of new artwork by John Malta, John Also Bennett, Grant LaValley, Jon Stommel and Dan Olsen and a night of transient experimental sound performances.

"This Might Be It" takes place on New Years Day, 2011. According to the ancient Mayan calender and a huge amount of popular mythology, January 1st, 2011, could be the second to last New Years Day as we know it. On December 21st 2012 the world may face the closing of a major age and the opening of a new one. Theories range from the apocalyptic (a fiery 'end of days') to utopian (a shift in global consciousness from being individualized to one of global singularity). Whether or not any of these predictions will come to pass remains to be seen. The work included in this exhibition does not specifically address the issue of a coming shift in ages, but comes from artists who have strong ties to Columbus but have sought lives elsewhere. Their presence in Columbus will be minimal (and greatly missed) in the future.

Four out of five artists showing at this exhibition are Columbus ex-pats - John Malta, one of Columbus's most beloved drawers and illustrators, currently lives in New York City where he is completing an MFA at the School for Visual Arts. He has exhibited in San Fransisco and Los Angeles and has been part of group shows in New York City. John Also Bennett recently returned to Columbus to complete his BA at Ohio State University from New York City, where he was working with legendary public arts organization Creative Time. He continues to work in between Columbus (where he curates and works at Skylab Gallery) and New York City (where he records and collaborates with musical partner Forest Christenson as Seabat), but plans to move upon completing his degree. Dan Olsen, another beloved Columbus artist who has long been associated with the Skylab Collective, currently lives and works in San Fransisco, California. Grant LaValley is a self-taught artist and long time affiliate and former resident of Skylab who now resides in San Fransisco, CA. His work is primal and grotesque. Jon Stommel currently resides in Columbus, OH and is a former resident of Skylab, but may leave Columbus in the near future.

This may be your last chance to see artwork exhibited in Columbus by these four artists or, more importantly, your last chance to go out on a New Years Day. Skylab will provide light snacks and refreshments - including hot cider and chocolate to warm cold bodies.

The reception also includes several live performances from transient experimental musicians - Peter J Woods (of Millwaukee, WI - theatrical, avant power electronics), Instinct Control (of Chicago, IL - live manipulation of obsolete technologies - avant electronic music), Jason Soliday (of Chicago, IL - live electronic noise), Seabat (Columbus / New York City futuristic ambient analog electronica), When the Dust Settles (Ben Turk of Columbus, live prepared bass guitar) and a duo featuring Columbus avant percussion heroes Ben Bennett and Ryan Jewell. All of these performances deal with time, the lack thereof, the future, the past, and the fleeting now. Often improvised, the performances are attuned to the moment and situation in which they take place and will likely be completely unique.

The gallery opens at 8 PM and performances will begin at approximately 9. Skylab asks that visitors contribute a $5 suggested donation to assist traveling artists.

Original artwork and music will be available for purchase - Skylab accepts cash and check only. This show will be on display for one night only.

For more information on the artists involved, please click the links below.

Performers -

Peter J. Woods

Instinct Control
Jason Soliday
Ryan Jewell
Ben Bennett

Visual Artists -

John Malta

John Also Bennett
Dan Olsen
Jon Stommel
Grant LaValley


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