About Skylab

  • Skylab Gallery is located on the 5th floor of 57 East Gay Street in downtown Columbus, OH. We are unaffiliated with any university or institution.
  • We provide a space for cultural action in Columbus, OH. We are a loose collective of artists and community members, each with our own interests. Skylab has an artist in residency program, screen printing lab, sound recording facilities, live work studios and a large gallery and project space.
  • Since 2005, in addition to being a pillar of the Columbus artistic community, we have consistently presented nationally and internationally significant artists in the contemporary underground experimental music scene. Skylab serves as a vital tour stop and hostel for traveling artists. 
  • We are not incorporated and funded primarily by our community and ourselves, functioning with volunteers. In December 2010, Skylab received the Franklin County Neighborhood Arts Grant from the GCAC, which will help fund "Nourishing Sounds", an exhibition series presenting internationally significant sound art.
  • Generally, we are open to the public for events only or by appointment.

For show requests and other inquiries contact skylabartspace@gmail.com.

Currently, Skylab is manned by John Also Bennett, Andrea Bodraeu, and Tyler Cooper.

Past full time residents include Jon Stommel Aaron Hibbs, Grant Lavalley, Doug Johnston, Val Glenn, Dustin White, Jon Witzky, Ryan Hand, Lamburtus "Berry" Van Boekel, Maria Van Boekel, Emil Spoery, Michael Bridgemon, Scott Niemet, Marshall Rendina and Chris Frey.

Other people who have been involved with Skylab include Mark Van Fleet, Eva Ball and Dina Sherman.